The way I worked around this was to create an 'invisible' paragraph. The way I 
did it was to make a little text frame behind the chapter title frame. I would 
then insert the book title in that text frame, using a paragraph tag 
'booktitle'. I used a variable so that I wouldn't have to go back and fix it 
manually as often. I think some people also use small text frames with white 
text, so it's 'invisible'. This paragraph was in every chapter and appendix. 

I would then create a cross-reference that referenced the booktitle paragraph. 
(I'm forgetting what the actual reference was right now.)

A little clunky, but once you set up the templates, it just automagically works 
and you don't have to think about it again. It worked great.


From: Angela Akridge <>
Subject: How To Include BookTitle Variable in Cross-reference Format

I'd like to link to another book using a cross-reference. I've tried to
include a destination's book title variable in the format definition, but
can't seem to get the value to populate. Can you share your cross-book
cross-reference variable definitions with me?

Thank you,


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