I posted this topic a couple of days ago with no response. Probably I made 
it too complicated. :) Can someone please tell me if they see the same 
problem with FM8?

1. Click in a sample body text paragraph.

2. In the Paragraph Designer, set alignment to justified. Extra space is 
added between words to make the text line reach the right-hand margin. It 
works as expected.

3. Now, in the Advanced tab of the Paragraph Designer, check the Allow 
Automatic Letter Spacing checkbox. Some lines in the paragraph jump back 
from the right-hand margin, and are no longer justified! (You may have to 
change your zoom level to see it, and it's more obvious in narrow columns 
than wide ones.) FM applies letter spacing to words on some lines, and those 
are the lines that lose justification.

Justification and Automatic Letter Spacing used to work together. Now, only 
one or the other works. Is anyone else seeing this?

Mike Wickham
FrameMaker 8.0p236 (trial version)
Windows XP Pro

P.S. I have DisplayUsingPrinterMetrics=On in maker.ini, but the problem 
exists whether it's on or off. PDFs match what I see on screen.

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