--- Mike Wickham <mewickham at compuserve.com> wrote:
> >> Justification and Automatic Letter Spacing used
> to work together. Now, 
> >> only one or the other works. Is anyone else
> seeing this?
>  > Yes, I can verify this behavior with FrameMaker 8
> on Windows XP.
> Dang. I hope Adobe fixes this soon. The feature is
> important enough to me 
> that I'm going to have to hold off on buying the FM8
> upgrade until then.
This bug would seem to indicate that there's still
lots of spaghettic code remaining in FM8. Given the
short time between Beta testing and the release date,
it seems likely that, even if this bug had been
discovered during Beta testing, it would not have been
fixed in the released version. 

Let us hope this bug is not an omen that FM8 will
repeat the FM5.5 fisaco (the first full release
produced by Adobe). That version had more bugs than a
termite-riddled house.

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