I experienced a distressing problem in an FM file that contained dozens of
cross references. As I was editing the document, all the XRefs were suddenly
and unexpectedly converted to ordinary text. 

The problem occurred in middle of an editing session. I am certain that when
I opened the document, the XRefs were OK.

In the past, I have occasionally detected individual cross references that
were converted to text. I always assumed that the conversion was my own
editing error, but now I am not so sure.

I already restored the XRefs, but does someone have an idea what may have
caused the problem and how I can prevent it in the future? Is there a known
FrameMaker 7.2 bug that converts XRefs to text? Is there a "Convert all
XRefs to Text" command that I inadvertently activated?

Possibly relevant information: The FM document was originally created by
importing from Word. Many but not all of the XRefs were originally created
by a FrameScript program, used in conjunction with the Word import. The
document has been heavily edited since then, with no other abnormal

David Shaked (Wernick)

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