On 8/14/07, Chris Borokowski <athloi at yahoo.com> wrote:
> If you promise not to hold it against me, I'll tell you. I managed to
> screw this one up this week.
> In the Xref dialog box, there's an option "Convert to Text" that brings
> up another dialog box, and if in that you select "Convert All to Text"
> every Xref in your document becomes boring, unclickable text.
> In a shocking but familiar display of hypocrisy, I "had been planning
> to" save a backup, so spent some hours reconstructing Xrefs blown away
> in a quarter of a second of inattention.

If Edit > Undo fails to undo this kind of disaster, there's one
possible safety net that could save you. If File > Preferences >
General > Autosave is enabled, and it hasn't autosaved since the
convert-to-text action, the filename.auto.fm file may contain the
file's state before the action. Immediately use File > Open to open
the filename.auto.fm file and save it to a new name, then check the

The only downside to working with auto-save always on is that saving
large files may suspend keyboard action briefly. Small price to pay
for insurance.

> My sympathies... (raises glass of green tea)



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