Thanks for all of your help. I just figured out a workaround. I noticed
the first file in the book was the only one that I couldn't save as a
PDF. The culprit was the last page of the first file. There was a text
field that existed in duplicate in both the left master page and body
page. I tried deleting the body page text box (since the text is static)
but that didn't solve it. For some reason I had to override the "blank"
master page we use and add a text box on top of it in the body page. If
I get more time I'll experiment for a better solution, but I can work
with this for now.

Thanks again,
> _____________________________________________ 
> From:         James Dyson  
> Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2007 11:54 AM
> To:   'framers at'
> Subject:      Book problems
> Hi all,
> I'm using Framemaker 7.2 and I've run into a problem I've never seen
> before. I have a small book, consisting of just four files (15 pages)
> and a TOC. I can print the files within the book individually without
> any problems. When I try to print the book, only the first file prints
> and then a page prints with the following error message:
> ERROR: undefined
> OFFENDING COMMAND: KVH?  (KVH is my company name)
> 72
> 469
> -462
> -69
> I've also tried saving the book as a PDF, and the .log file listed the
> very same error message shown above. The PDF failed to generate.
> I've tried the following solutions to no avail:
> Tried other printers
> Creating a new book and adding those files to the new book
> Deleting individual files
> Reordering files
> Printing the book using a different PC and copy of Framemaker
> Printed another, existing book and verified that I can still do that
> Gotten assurance from IT that there is no known significance on their
> end to the error message shown
> Thanks,
> Jim Dyson

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