Hi, James:

Usually an offending command statement displays the name of a
PostScript command that is somehow incorrect at that location in the
PostScript code, for some reason or other.

If your company initials are identified as the offending command, it's
possible that one or more of your files is corrupted in a way that
confuses the printing process.

One approach to remove corruption from FM files is to save a backup
copy of each file to a new name or location, then save each as MIF
(File > Save As > Maker Interchange), then open each MIF file (File >
Open) and save as the original file name, overwriting the original
file. Your book file is already created new from scratch, so it's
probably already cleaned up.

Save all files, keep all files open, and try printing again.

Let us know how this works.



Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

PS: Thanks for your good example of providing as much detail as
possible, to make troubleshooting easier.

On 8/15/07, James Dyson <jdyson at kvh.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm using Framemaker 7.2 and I've run into a problem I've never seen
> before. I have a small book, consisting of just four files (15 pages)
> and a TOC. I can print the files within the book individually without
> any problems. When I try to print the book, only the first file prints
> and then a page prints with the following error message:
> ERROR: undefined
> OFFENDING COMMAND: KVH?  (KVH is my company name)
> 72
> 469
> -462
> -69
> I've also tried saving the book as a PDF, and the .log file listed the
> very same error message shown above. The PDF failed to generate.
> I've tried the following solutions to no avail:
> Tried other printers
> Creating a new book and adding those files to the new book
> Deleting individual files
> Reordering files
> Printing the book using a different PC and copy of Framemaker
> Printed another, existing book and verified that I can still do that
> Gotten assurance from IT that there is no known significance on their
> end to the error message shown
> Thanks,
> Jim Dyson

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