OK, I'm new to Frame 8 after a long hiatus (the last version I used was 6).

I am laying out a printed book (no XML, nothing fancy, just a book for
print). The client wants the right and left edges justified.

In the paragraph designer for my various styles, I've set the following:

Basic tab:

--Alignment is Justified.

Advanced tab:

--Automatic Hyphenation is selected. (I just accepted the defaults for the
hyphenation settings).

--Allow Automatic Letter Spacing is selected (and again I took the system
defaults on the settings).

The problem is that in Frame, on the screen, my right edge is knife-edge
perfect. Looks fabulous. Life is good. When I output to PDF or print
directly from Frame, the right edge is wiggly. It's not as ragged as it was
before with the text un-justified, but it certainly isn't what the client

What setting have I missed? Any ideas? 


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