Try, Shlomo Peret's site.  I don't know what he has for
Macs but I have a plug-in for Acrobat that checks links and a few other
things on Win-does*.  I got it when I took one of his classes a few years
ago. Works quite well. Sorry, no idea whether there are any plug-ins for

A plug-in with a per-page licence?  Unlimited cost, it sounds like.  I'd
never buy it, no matter what it does.

Diane Gaskill

*According to some guy named Bill, there are a few bucks in win-does too
(sorry, it's been one of those weeks...  The autonumbering bug escaped from
word and is now rearranging the icons on my screen at will... arrgh.)

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Apologies for OT posting. I've been trawling the Adobe site looking for
information on third-party plug-ins for Acrobat, as there is for example for
FrameMaker, but so far have not found anything.

. If anyone can point me to an Acrobat site like the Leximation FrameMaker
plug-in web pages, I'd be most grateful

. I am specifically looking for:

  - Proofreading tool support, i.e. a plug-in to create and handle
traditional proofreader's marks more efficiently than drawing them freehand
using Acrobat's commenting tools.

  - Any support for index compilation when working from PDF. [Here I mean
traditional book indexing, not PDF concordance indexing].

I am Mac-based. As far as proofing tools are concerned, I am aware of the
paperlessproofs plug-in <>, but that is
Windows-only 'at present', to quote the site. Is also imposes a per-page
licensing model, which I would view as a bad arrangement.

Please mail me off-list. Thanks.

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