If you consult Appendix A (Typing in Dialog Boxes), you will see that
the backslash-underscore string is indeed the way you type the
suppress hyphenation code in a dialog box.

And in the "Chanigng hyphenation and line breaks" section, the
User Guide states that you can suppress hyphenation for the
current word you can type the sequence "Esc n s", at which
point the suppress hyphenation symbol (a bar) appears under
the word when text symbols are visible. In reality, the symbol
appears under the first character or two (it is a fixed-width
character) to the right of where the insertion point was when
you typed "Esc n s", whether that was at the beginning or
middle of the word. If you use the cursor keys to step one
character at a time, you will see that the suppress hyphenation
key sequence actually inserts a zero-width character in the text,
so unless you are careful to delete that character it will remain
in place even if you retype the preceding or following text.

All perfectly logical.

-Fred Ridder

>From: Steve Rickaby <srickaby at wordmongers.demon.co.uk>
>To: framers at FrameUsers.com
>Subject: Odd symbol: hyphenation suppression?
>Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 16:54:48 +0100
>I am working on a book in which some letter pairs are underlined when 'view 
>symbols' is enabled. I don't recall having noticed this symbol before, so I 
>looked it up, and the user guide suggests that it indicates hyphenation 
>suppression [presumably manually applied?]
>What strikes me as odd is that the underline symbol is removed neither by 
>retyping the characters nor by applying 'default para font' to the word in 
>question. If I copy/paste a word in which this underline symbol occurs 
>into, say, the 'correction' box of the spell checker, it appears prefixed 
>by a backslash underscore pair. Clicking 'show hyphenation' shows that the 
>word in question appears to be set up to hyphenate as would be expected.
>Can anyone tell me what is going on here, and whether these underlined 
>letter pairs are really anything to do with hyphenation, and if not, what?
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