Do the files contain text they 
precede the x-refs that give you trouble...

When updating text insets, they delete any x-ref 
markers that are placed at the beginning of a paragraph (:

My solution is to always create a r-ref marker 
for a paragraph before adding the text inset, 
moving the marker to elsewhere in the paragraph, 
and then adding the text inset. Then, all is well.

Good luck.

At 05:06 PM 14/02/2007, pearlrosenberg at wrote:
>Hi Framers,
>FrameMaker 7.p576
>Windows XP Professional
>I have a book with 17 chapters. Every time I open the chapters in it,
>for six of the chapters I get a message that there are unresolved
>cross-references. There are six other chapters with cross-references
>that do not generate this message.
>Each time, I search for the unresolved cross-references (every cross-
>reference in each of these chapters), double-click on each, replace it
>with the one in the cross-reference dialog box, and save the file.
>Then I save all the files in the book and save and close the book. The
>next time I open the book, the same cross-references are unresolved
>I created this book from an earlier version by copying the files from
>the old directory to a new one. Then I opened FrameMaker, created a
>new book, and added the files to the new book.
>Any suggestions on how I can fix this? BTW, when the cross-references
>are unresolved, they correctly identify the heads, chapters, page
>numbers, and so forth.
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