Have you tried "washing" the chapters by saving as .mif files,
reopening them, and saving as .fm?


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> Hi Framers,
> FrameMaker 7.p576
> Windows XP Professional
> I have a book with 17 chapters. Every time I open the chapters in it,
> for six of the chapters I get a message that there are unresolved
> cross-references. There are six other chapters with cross-references
> that do not generate this message.
> Each time, I search for the unresolved cross-references (every cross-
> reference in each of these chapters), double-click on each, replace it
> with the one in the cross-reference dialog box, and save the file.
> Then I save all the files in the book and save and close the book. The
> next time I open the book, the same cross-references are unresolved
> again.
> I created this book from an earlier version by copying the files from
> the old directory to a new one. Then I opened FrameMaker, created a
> new book, and added the files to the new book.
> Any suggestions on how I can fix this? BTW, when the cross-references
> are unresolved, they correctly identify the heads, chapters, page
> numbers, and so forth.
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