Jon Harvey wrote:

> I have several headings that I'm using to generate a TOC: 
> Heading1, Heading2, Heading3, Chapter.number, 
> Appendix.number. When I generate the book, all the headings 
> appear in the TOC file's reference page. However, content 
> that uses the Chapter.number and Appendix.number paragraph 
> tags do not appear in the body of the TOC. It's not that the 
> entry line in the TOC is empty. Rather, they entries don't 
> appear at all, as if the tags weren't selected to generate the TOC.

Stab in the dark: Are you sure they're not there? The tag names suggest
those pgfs are used just for the chap/apndx number, with the title in a
separate pgf. Is that the case? If so, the Chapter.numberTOC and
Appendix.numberTOC pgfs may be defined as run-in heads (that's how we've
been doing it). 

Take a look at the TOC flow on the TOC ref page. Check out the
Chapter.numberTOC and Appendix.numberTOC pgfs in Paragraph Designer --
are they run-in heads? What building block(s) do they contain? If the
source pgfs are used only for the autonmbering and don't contain text,
the TOC pgfs will be empty if they contain the <$paratext> building
block instead of <$paranum>. If they're also run-in pgfs, and you have
text symbols turned off, you'd never see them. 


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