For those who may not have been following, the problem was: When
building a TOC, some headings were not appearing in the body of the TOC
even though they we being generated in the TOC reference pages. Couldn't
figure out why.

I resolved the problem when I realized that the missing TOC content was
being generated from tags that I was using only in the document's master
pages. Apparently, unless a heading tag is used in the body pages of a
document, FM ignores it when generating the TOC. For example, I was
using the tag on the master page named "First" but not in
body pages that used this master page. Therefore, Chapter.nameTOC never
showed up in the body of the TOC.

If anyone knows how to get styles that appear only on master pages to
appear in the body of the TOC, I would be interested in hearing about

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Jon Harvey wrote:
> That's the strange part. The tags are listed in the Setup dialog
> along with the ones that are working correctly.
> BTW, I'm using FM 7.2 on Windows if it makes a difference.

Check to make sure there's only one TOC reference page.  Sometimes a
second one gets created or imported, and you end up going crazy
modifying the one that isn't active.


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