Hi, all.

In FrameMaker 7.2 latest patch version on a Windows XP Pro box.

I compared two documents and FM put in conditional text (like I asked
for) for the old/deleted and the new/inserted text into a new document.

After that, I checked all the old/deleted text and properly deleted it.

Now, I want the conditions on the new/inserted text to go away. I am
able to successfully do this by highlighting large regions of text and
then making the "current Selection" Unconditional from the menu that is
accessed from Special->Conditional Text->

BUT, I am unable to remove the conditions from text inside tables. It
asks me to select the entire row, which I do, but then the menu button
to "Apply" the selected Unconditional radio button has no effect!

What am I doing wrong? Or, is this a known issue with a work-around?
On some large tables, this could take me hours to do!


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