The easiest way to globally make text tagged with the Inserted
condition unconditional is to delete the condition tag itself from
the Conditional Text dialog. When you do this for a tag that is
applied to text in the document, you get two options on how to
treat the tagged text:
delete it (appropriate for the Deleted condition)
make it unconditional (perfect for the Inserted condition)

This should work on anyting that is tagged with that condition,
whether body text, table text, table rows, or anchred frames.

-Fred Ridder

>From: Syed Zaeem Hosain <Syed.Hosain at>
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>Subject: Removing conditional text inside a table after a compare
>Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2007 15:03:04 -0700
>Hi, all.
>In FrameMaker 7.2 latest patch version on a Windows XP Pro box.
>I compared two documents and FM put in conditional text (like I asked
>for) for the old/deleted and the new/inserted text into a new document.
>After that, I checked all the old/deleted text and properly deleted it.
>Now, I want the conditions on the new/inserted text to go away. I am
>able to successfully do this by highlighting large regions of text and
>then making the "current Selection" Unconditional from the menu that is
>accessed from Special->Conditional Text->
>BUT, I am unable to remove the conditions from text inside tables. It
>asks me to select the entire row, which I do, but then the menu button
>to "Apply" the selected Unconditional radio button has no effect!
>What am I doing wrong? Or, is this a known issue with a work-around?
>On some large tables, this could take me hours to do!

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