On 28 Aug 2007, at 14:03, Mark Poston wrote:

> I use FM7.2 & 8 on a daily basis on Windows XP Pro under Parallels.  
> It has
> been a very stable environment for me. Using Parallels in Coherent  
> mode
> means that FM sits nicely with my other Mac apps.

I'd like to know how copy and paste, especially with 2-byte languages  
such as Japanese and Chinese, works between Mac apps and WIndows  
FrameMaker under Parallels? Since FM8 is Unicode savvy, the results  
may be different for FM6/7 and FM8.

Today, I'm working on an FM document containing Japanese, and every  
time I want to copy and paste a Japanese word or phrase into my J-E  
dictionaries, online and offline, I first have to convert it from  
Shift-JIS to UTF-8 in another app (SubEthaEdit), which grows more and  
more tedious as the day goes on. A Unicode-savvy version of  
FrameMaker for Mac OS X would certainly provide some relief.

Interestingly, if I copy UTF-8 text into FM, Mac OS X/Classic  
automatically does the UTF-8 to Shift-JIS conversion for me.

I'm running FM6 in Classic on a Power Mac G5 (Mac OS 10.4.10).


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