I think this is an oldie, but I cannot find the thread(s) that dealt
with it. And it is Monday and everyone is fresh and rested after a
nice weekend. :-)

I have on several accounts in the past few weeks come across one of
the weird behaviours of FrameMaker (not so uncommon in other frame
based applications) that one or two text lines hide between the bottom
of the page frame (overflow) instead of flowing to the next page.

A couple of weeks ago I noted a solid line in the bottom of a page
frame and saw that a line was not flowing over to the next page but
kept hidden, even if I printed the file. Since this has happened on
several occasions, and I just cannot find out how to hunt these down
in any other way than to look at the bottom of every page (and these
will be some 800).

My environment is M$ WinXP, FM 7.2 (structured), and all pages are
two-column setup.

Another and similar unacceptable behaviour is that sometimes a line of
text overflows to the line above a footnote. I found out that was even
harder to deal with.

The way I dealt with the page overflow was to insert one or two hard
breaks, forcing the lines over and then deleting the hard brakes. That
seemed to work for the page overflow, but not for the text lines
overrunning the footnotes.

Any help to do away with these bastards in an orderly manner (other
than to wait for FrameMaker 9.6) will be highly appreciated.

Price: all the virtual pizza you can eat and whatever virtual you
might want to drink! (Even on a Monday!). ;-)


Bodvar Bjorgvinsson

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