Thanks Rebecca.  You beat me to it.

BTW, I have a small addition to the message I wrote.  The DEL commmand has a 
switch that recurses subdirectories.  It did not have the switch when I wrote 
the batch file. You no longer need the additional program called "sweep."



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>I hung onto it.
>>>> "Diane Gaskill" <dgcaller at> 24/07/07 20:48 >>>
>Why do you need a VB script?  A simple batch file works fine.
>Run a DOS window from the directory you want to clean up and then run
>following batch file. Copy the text to Notepad and save it as
>cleanfm.bat or
>whatever you want to call it. Save it to a directory in the path or add
>directory to the path.  I assume you know about paths.
>BTW, I've been using this .bat for at least 14 years and a general
>one like it for 20 years.  Never had either of them delete anything
>weren't supposed to.
>@echo off
>echo   Deleting the following files from the current directory:
>dir *.backup.* *.lck
>del *.backup.* *.lck
>You can also add *recover*.* to the list to delete recovery files after
>save them to the original file names.
>If you have a tree of directories with archived files in them, I have a
>little utility called that executes a .bat or an .exe in all
>the directories in the tree.  Free.
>Hope this helps,
>Diane Gaskill
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>Hi Framers,
>Before attempting this, thought I would inquire if any VB wizard out
>has a script snippet to share for deleting FM  .backup files from
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