CUDSPAN used to have a "PrintTree" plug-in.  I think I've still got it
somewhere on my machine!  It was pretty cool, using indents to print the
whole structure tree for a doc.  However, the CUDSPAN site has been down for
months and I don't think it is distributed any more.


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On 8/31/07, Lin Surasky <Lin.Surasky at> wrote:
> Hi all-
> Is there a way (other than a screen shot, as they're long files) to 
> print out the contents of the Structure View window? I have some long, 
> system-generated XML files that I need to sift through and use pieces 
> of elsewhere. It'd help greatly to have a hard copy of the files, but 
> with certain levels collapsed so I can see what I'm doing. I'm 
> currently working with the file electronically, but even two monitors 
> is not enough, so I need to go to hard copy.
> Lin

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