Lin Surasky wrote:

> And SnagIt captures the image just fine, as I imagined it 
> would, but does anyone know how to tell it to maintain the 
> original text size and use more than one page if necessary??? 
> The print is so small it's just lines.

You're sending the screen capture directly to the printer? If you have a
decent graphics program like Photoshop or PSP, I'd suggest setting the
SnagIt Output to File or Clipboard. Then, use your graphics program to
edit/scale/whatever and print the graphic to tiled pages.  

Alternatively, play with the Printer settings in SnagIt. I have SnagIt 6
(a bit old), and when I set Output to Printer, it defaults to Fit On
Page. Select Filters > Printer Scaling (or the equivalent in your
version). In the Printer dialog, click Page Layout. Then, experiment
with some of the non-single-page settings. For instance, you might try
Manual Scale or set Fixed Size to 8.5 by 22, 33, 44, etc.


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