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>How would you create a hyperlink to a specific location within a frame file
>where the link text does not match the destination text?  For example, early
>in a document you have the word "Framers" and you would like it to be a
>hyperlink to the heading later in the document of "Information About Frame

Posted this on Techshoret last week:

First create a hypertext newlink marker at the destination of the 
link, and give it a unique name.  Then create a hypertext gotolink
marker specifying that name at each place you want to link from.
Finally, apply a character format that makes the text blue (and
has other properties set to as-is) that includes the gotolink and
the "hot spot" text you want.  It's easier to do than to describe.  ;-)

You can test hyperlinks by holding Ctrl-Alt and mousing over them;
when you see the hand, left-click.  They are also active when the
document is set to view-only.

[Note that the text doesn't have to be blue; you can set any properties
you please (or none at all) in the char format.  The OP wanted blue.
In your case, the char format would be applied to "Framers", the
gotolink marker would be inside that format, and the newlink would
be in the "Information..." heading.]


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