Bingo, but I have been extra careful cleaning up (too long to go into)
in my 4 months OTJ here. I haven't deleted any tags. I will, later, but
that's after I hire 2-3 additional writers. These books were constructed
by an unknown number of contract writers over the course of 6+ years.
There are many "duplicate" named tags, and many tags that have the same
functions, but follow some writer's personal naming convention. For
these reasons, I have put off cleaning my catalogs.

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Kelly McDaniel wrote:

> Linda,
> Thanks, no, I haven't changed emphasis nor deleted it. It's 
> still in the catalog...Kelly.
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> Kelly,
> That looks like a character style that was used in a cross 
> reference format, and now that character style no longer 
> exists in the files. Might you have deleted or renamed the 
> character style? 

Format names (among other things) are case-sensitive in FM, so
"emphasis" and "Emphasis" are two different character formats. FM's
default character catalog (what you get when you create a new "Blank
Paper" document) includes "Emphasis." 

Your example ("To learn how to configure these views, see
<emphasis>Configuring Views, on page 189.") does indeed look like a
non-existent character format is specified in the cross-reference
definition, as Linda suggested. Maybe your character catalog includes
"Emphasis," but not "emphasis." 


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