Hi Peter,

Thanks for your detailed and interesting reply!

My comment was not focused on a specific FM8 bug, but on the apparent state 
of affairs where a product is released "as is" so as not to miss a 
deadline, but losing out on other fronts in major ways.

Some other FM8 bugs/issues are listed at 
www.microtype.com/FM_bugs.html#FM80 (and several others were reported in 
different FrameMaker forums).

Obviously, I cannot comment on whether the specific format selection bug 
was reported during beta testing or not.

You say that "FM 8.0.1 came out pretty soon after 8.0". FM8 was released 
end of July/beginning of August, and the patch was made available Nov. 22 
-- so that's three and a half months at least.
Interestingly, the same FM8.0.1 patch was implemented in the Adobe Tech 
Comm Suite, released one month earlier than the FM8 patch.


Shlomo Perets

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