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>This is a PDF question.
>I have a bunch of FrameMaker source.
>I produce only PDFs.
>I would like to create a single TOC (bookmarks) with links to each of
>the bookmarked topics in each of the individual PDFs.
>Any ideas...tnx, Kelly.

FrameMaker can only create bookmarks pointing to paragraphs in the
PDF currently produced. If you convert the book to multiple PDFs,
each PDF will only have bookmarks related to the individual PDF.

Other than creating the bookmarks manually in Acrobat (and re-creating
these when the files are updated), these are some possible ways to
create the cross-file bookmarks in automated ways:

* Through custom hypertext markers, with the FrameMaker-to-Acrobat
TimeSavers add-on.

See, TimeSavers section, for more info.
for sample custom hypertext markers.

* With the Navigation Assistant (FrameMaker-to-Acrobat TimeSavers add-on),
cross-file bookmarks can be generated automatically, so that each chapter
in your book or project has bookmarks to all other book components,
added in the right place (before or after the bookmark for the current item,
so that order of bookmarks is consistent in all components).

A sample set of files (.fm + .pdf) is at
(the ProjectFile.ini controls cross-file bookmarks and properties for a
a related set of PDFs being distilled; it can be managed as a FrameMaker
file with cross-references, saved as text when you need to refresh it).
[more examples available at ]

* PDF Controller from ITL (required FrameScript)
Will create bookmarks from all book components in all PDFs, when
generating multiple PDF documents from the book.

Shlomo Perets

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