Am 06.12.2007 um 20:39 schrieb Kelly McDaniel:

> This is a PDF question.
> I have a bunch of FrameMaker source.
> I produce only PDFs.
> I would like to create a single TOC (bookmarks) with links to each of
> the bookmarked topics in each of the individual PDFs.

Kelly, You are in danger of mixing two separate things: Links and  

* You click on links in your PDF document's pages

* You click bookmarks in the bookmarks pane of the PDF reader  

What you want to achieve is possible with both approaches, but links  
are easier.

* Set up a book with the hyperlink TOC. Make sure all documents have  
exactly the names they should have as PDF files (apart from the  
extension, of course). Update that book.

* If you have a recent version of FrameMaker you may want to Print to  
file the book and select the option to create separate files for each  
document. Use Distiller to change all PS files to PDF.

* With older versions you have to Save as PDF every file separately  
with the book file *closed*. Otherwise the links would be directed to  
an assumed book.pdf.

If you open the TOC-PDF all your links go to the separate files.


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