Hi Adam,

Since you can produce MIF from a FrameMaker file, a good approach might be 
to convert the HTML files to FrameMaker. Depending on the complexity of the 
HTML markup, it may be feasible to do this with FrameScript. If you want to 
investigate this further, please contact me offlist. Thanks.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

> So, I'm looking for a way to produce a MIF file from a batch of HTML 
> files.
> Looking through the list archives, I see that Omni Systems is/was
> considering the development of "Go2Mif" for this purpose. However, since I
> haven't heard anything recent about it, I'm assuming that its release 
> isn't
> imminent, at any rate.
> Has anyone had any success in doing this? If so, what tools did you use?
> In the past, I've used XSLT to create MIF files from XML files. However,
> given that HTML frequently isn't "well-formed XML," I'm not at all 
> confident
> that an XSLT solution would be feasible.
> Anyway, any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
> -Adam Robey

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