You're not missing anything. There is no such thing as vertical alignment for 
text within a text frame. 

The only place you will find vertical alignment in FrameMaker is within table 
cells. You will find the command on the [Table Cell] tab of the paragraph 
designer. Be sure to have all paragraphs selected in a table cell (or select 
table cell) before using the command. With a table cell selected you can also 
use Esc j t for top alignment (and change the "t" to "m" for middle or "b" for 

If you have resized a text frame to be just high enough for all lines of 
contained caption text within an anchored frame, and you want the text frame 
itself to vertically align vs. the top/bottom of the anchored frame. With the 
text frame selected as an object you can use Esc j m for middle alignment. 
Again, change the "m" to "t" for top or "b" for bottom.

Hope that this helps.

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I know I'm probably missing something really basic here, but is there or where 
will I find the control for vertical alignment of text within a text frame?

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