Just what I thought was the case, but well, you know how it is: "I'm sure
there is a way..., it can't be missing, something so basic as that...."

Anyway, that's what I ended up by doing so it's good to see my approach
confirmed :)


Maxwell Hoffmann wrote:
> Alan,
> You're not missing anything. There is no such thing as vertical alignment for
> text within a text frame.
> The only place you will find vertical alignment in FrameMaker is within table
> cells. You will find the command on the [Table Cell] tab of the paragraph
> designer. Be sure to have all paragraphs selected in a table cell (or select
> table cell) before using the command. With a table cell selected you can also
> use Esc j t for top alignment (and change the "t" to "m" for middle or "b" for
> bottom.)
> If you have resized a text frame to be just high enough for all lines of
> contained caption text within an anchored frame, and you want the text frame
> itself to vertically align vs. the top/bottom of the anchored frame. With the
> text frame selected as an object you can use Esc j m for middle alignment.
> Again, change the "m" to "t" for top or "b" for bottom.
> Hope that this helps.
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> I know I'm probably missing something really basic here, but is there or where
> will I find the control for vertical alignment of text within a text frame?
> Thanks
> Alan
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