Then you have to remember to do this each time you generate a new PDF.
I'm looking for a way of encoding the string so it never becomes an
email address.

One of my suggestions to the person was to create a tiny graphic just
containing the @ sign and put the image in place of typing the
character. It's a fix but it's pretty time consuming and we're looking
for others.

On 12/13/07, Lester C. Smalley <lsmalley at> wrote:
> What do you mean you can't remove the link in Acrobat?  Certainly not
> via the reader, but if you have the full Acrobat package you certainly
> should be able to delete the link and leave the plain text behind.
> One thought it to insert a thin space after the "@" at symbol, so even
> if what you say is true the 'active' area is as small as possible.  Yes,
> it will alter the appearance slightly, but the trade-off may well be
> worth it.
> On Thursday, December 13, 2007 12:10 PM, Huntley Eshenroder wrote:
> | Yes, plain text and you can't remove the link through Acrobat.
> |
> | -Huntley
> |
> | On Dec 13, 2007 10:30 AM, Art Campbell <art.campbell at> wrote:
> |
> | > John, is this in plain text? Not in a marker?

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