Hello All -
This is not just in FM 8.0
The bug exists to some extent in 7.2 as well,  and it is a pickle  
other ways. Recently I inadvertently included a numeric space in an  
autonumber and ePP 9.2 totally choked on it.
As to FM 7.2 and non-breaking hyphens in autonumbers, I've resorted  
to replacing them with periods - after I discovered that FM was  
changing the non-breaking hyphens into n-dashes - so now I have, for  
example, Fig. 9.2 rather than Fig. 9?2. (Before the bug FM used to  
give me Fig. 9-2).  It's amazing how little the readers care (or  
notice) the change.
Still, it would be nice to get what one asks for.

Will White
ViaLogy LLC

On Dec 13, 2007, at 12:46 AM, Shlomo Perets wrote:

> Sarah O'Keefe wrote:
>> We are noticing a similar problem related to autonumbering even  
>> without
>> the MIF conversion you describe.
>> For instance:
>> 1. Define a paragraph autonumber that includes an em space (\sm) and
>> some text. (Note:\sm)
>> 2. Reopen the paragraph designer and change only the autonumber text
>> (change "Note" to "Tip").
>> Notice that the \sm turns into something weird and renders as a ?? in
>> your document.
>> There appears to be a problem with special characters that are  
>> inserted
>> with a backslash (\).
> The problem seems to be present in all text fields in dialog boxes
> (variables, cross-references, pgf numbering, markers), with the
> backslash sequences  for a non-breaking hyphen (\+) and special
> spaces (\sm, \sn, \st, \s#) .
> When the dialog box definition is updated, a question mark appear in
> the document instead of the special character.
> To fix the problem, you need to edit the text in the dialog box
> (delete the box character and insert the backslash sequence again).
> Shlomo Perets
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