The doc has no Custom master pages, just right and left. Also no  
custom body pages overriding master pages. And it's set to double- 
sided with a right first page.

Thanks for trying.


On Dec 18, 2007, at 1:49 PM, Stuart Rogers wrote:

> Pat Christenson wrote:
>> Hi -
>> I'm running FrameMaker 7.2b144 under Windows XP. I have a set of   
>> landscape templates. On the right/left pages, the page numbers  
>> are  bottom/top of page in the left margin. This works fine in all  
>> the  templates except one. It should be applying right, left,  
>> right, left,  etc. in the usual way but it thinks everything after  
>> the first page  is a left page.
>> I've checked the masterPageMaps reference page and that's not the   
>> problem.
>> Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
> Is the first page a Right, Left, or custom master page?  Perhaps  
> you accidentally set the Format > Page Layout > Pagination to  
> Single Sided?
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