I played around with this and was able to correct the problem even  
though I'm still not sure exactly what was wrong.

There was a minor discrepancy in the column width on the Right/Left  
master pages and this, combined with balance columns being turned on,  
resulted in the problem. Unfortunately, fixing the column widths  
didn't fix it but turning column balance off did. Since column  
balance is essential to the files,  I ended up rebuilding the  
template with correct column widths and column balance ON and  
importing Page Layouts and Doc Properties into the files.

I still don't know why importing corrects it when making those same  
changes in an individual file doesn't but hey, at least it's working  

Thanks to all who responded -


On Dec 19, 2007, at 1:46 AM, Paul Wilbraham wrote:

> Pat
> Do the flows on the left/right master pages have different flow tags?
> This would result in the behaviour you describe?
> --Paul Wilbraham
>>> Pat Christenson wrote:
>>>> Hi -
>>>> I'm running FrameMaker 7.2b144 under Windows XP. I have a set of
>>>> landscape templates. On the right/left pages, the page numbers
>>>> are  bottom/top of page in the left margin. This works fine in all
>>>> the  templates except one. It should be applying right, left,
>>>> right, left,  etc. in the usual way but it thinks everything after
>>>> the first page  is a left page.
>>>> I've checked the masterPageMaps reference page and that's not the
>>>> problem.
>>>> Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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