Grant Hogarth wrote:

> I'm running FM 7.1/Win XP
> I'm generating a single-sided document with two text flows in 
> parallel columns.
> Flow A is generated list (LOP or TOC, both behave the same 
> for this issue).
> Flow B is a pasted text list.
> Basically I'm making sure that I've got a heading for each 
> item in the pasted list.
> Problem
> When I regenerate the list, Page one behaves as expected, 
> with the two text flows running in parallel. The problem 
> comes on the following pages.
> The Pasted list (Flow B) runs onto the following page normally.
> However, the Generated list *skips* a page, and begins 
> flowing again on page 3.
> Both flows are set to autoconnect.

I hope you work with text symbols and borders displayed; if not, go to
the View menu and turn both on. Now look at page 2 (the page that Flow A
skips). Does the text frame in which Flow A should be actually exist?

If not, my first guess is that don't really have a single-sided doc, and
the Left master page is missing the text frame for Flow A. Go to Format
> Page Layout > Pagination to check. Or View > Master Pages.

If page 2 has the empty text frame, is there an end-of-flow symbol at
the top? If so, the text frame isn't connected to the flow. I'm not sure
how that would happen in Flow A, but not B (if you added a disconnected
page, both text frames would be disconnected). 

Once again, though, I'd suspect that you really have a 2-sided doc with
a messed-up Left master page. If that's not the case, try just deleting
page 2 (Special > Delete Pages). If you just have something messed up on
that one page, that should fix it -- page 3 will become page 2, a new
page 3 will be added, and both flows will just, um, reflow. 


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