Thanks Richard et al ---

Yes, Text Symbols and Borders are displayed.
Yes, Page 2 has a "end of flow" symbol at the top of the "generated"
Paras are the same in both flows. Start anywhere, no frames, one widow,
no KWN.
Deleting the 2nd page and regenerating does not solve the problem
(although it does trim the static list!)
Dynamic document was created from standard FM 7.1 TOC option.
Source doc and dynamic doc are both single sided.

This *is* replicable --- I have even deleted the generated files and
started over, suspecting corruption.

I would be happy to send the pair of files (63k zipped) to anyone that
wants to look. 
(The only change is that I've stripped the table contents -- that does
not change the outcome.)


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Grant Hogarth wrote:

> I'm running FM 7.1/Win XP
> I'm generating a single-sided document with two text flows in 
> parallel columns.
> Flow A is generated list (LOP or TOC, both behave the same 
> for this issue).
> Flow B is a pasted text list.
> Basically I'm making sure that I've got a heading for each 
> item in the pasted list.
> Problem
> When I regenerate the list, Page one behaves as expected, 
> with the two text flows running in parallel. The problem 
> comes on the following pages.
> The Pasted list (Flow B) runs onto the following page normally.
> However, the Generated list *skips* a page, and begins 
> flowing again on page 3.
> Both flows are set to autoconnect.

I hope you work with text symbols and borders displayed; if not, go to
the View menu and turn both on. Now look at page 2 (the page that Flow A
skips). Does the text frame in which Flow A should be actually exist?

If not, my first guess is that don't really have a single-sided doc, and
the Left master page is missing the text frame for Flow A. Go to Format
> Page Layout > Pagination to check. Or View > Master Pages.

If page 2 has the empty text frame, is there an end-of-flow symbol at
the top? If so, the text frame isn't connected to the flow. I'm not sure
how that would happen in Flow A, but not B (if you added a disconnected
page, both text frames would be disconnected). 

Once again, though, I'd suspect that you really have a 2-sided doc with
a messed-up Left master page. If that's not the case, try just deleting
page 2 (Special > Delete Pages). If you just have something messed up on
that one page, that should fix it -- page 3 will become page 2, a new
page 3 will be added, and both flows will just, um, reflow. 


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