Since our Kouroo project now has an effective workaround for the fact 
that the hypertext linkage between FM8 and PDF files has not yet been 
implemented (by way of first saving a FM8 file as a FM7 MIF file 
before distilling a PDF), the initial panic has subsided. It turns 
out that it's not a big deal and our project can wait patiently for 
Adobe to fix this.

I've noticed something else, however. I've always been in the habit 
of using the locking/unlocking feature of FM, using the keystrokes 
"Ctrl F l k" to transit the files back and forth between a locked 
"use condition" to an unlocked "edit condition." However, in FM8, if 
you do a "Ctrl s" save before you do the "Ctrl F l k Ctrl w" to lock 
and close a file, your "Ctrl F l k" is wasted effort as the file 
simply doesn't stay locked.

(If you can remember *not* to do a "Ctrl s" before doing your "Ctrl F 
l k Ctrl w," then locking still works in FM8.)

So, is this a bug, or a feature, of FM8?

In the old days, there was a free thingie called "Frame Reader" or 
something like that, that your users could use to access your work 
product. It was a full version of FM free for download, but it was 
save-disabled. Later on, when you printed from this, it came to be 
that each printed page would bear a gray diagonal "trial copy" 
marker. This reader product became harder and harder to find on the 
Adobe website, and eventually disappeared. More recently, when a user 
downloads and installs a save-disabled trial version of FM, this 
trial version is good for only a month. Meanwhile, Adobe has been 
developing Acrobat and replacing Frame Reader as a way to deliver our 
content to our customer -- and has gradually been removing more and 
more of the limitations of Acrobat.

Back in the days of this "Frame Reader," there was a purpose to the 
locking/unlocking feature of FM. Now, however, with this bug (or 
feature) in FM8, I'm not even bothering to lock and unlock the files 
anymore! I'm simply telling my users, "For hypertext in an Acrobat 
document, you can just click on a button, but for hypertext in a 
FrameMaker document, you'll need to remember to hold down the control 
key while you click on it."

Can anyone think of a reason why we need to file a bug report on 
this? Can we now just let go of the lock/unlock thingie -- consider 
it as a piece of our evolutionary history?

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