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>I have been using FM8 and Acrobat 8 for some months now without any
>sign of a hyperlink issue. I use cross-references, internal and
>external hyperlinks, TOC's, Indexes. I make lists of markers,
>elements, paragraphs, etc. all of which are "hot" All of the links
>seem to work as intended in PDF. They work both when I use the Save As
>PDF abd when I use the print & distill method. Since we are about to
>upgrade a very large project involving thousands of unique manuals and
>hundreds of thousands of pages monthly, I am curious as to what your
>workflow/setup is. If there is a flaw, I have not found it so far. ...

The cross-file linking issue is described at
(together with sample PDFs produced from the same source FM file,
using FM7.2 and FM8.0, and FM8.0+TimeSavers 5.3)

The problem will not be noticed when the PDFs are :
-- accessed locally using Acrobat 8.x, but will be noticed when
cross-file links are activated through a web browser (cross-file links
in a PDF stored in an intranet/internet site) linking
-- viewed in earlier Acrobat versions or some non-Adobe PDFs viewers

Notice that in some cases, internal links are transformed to cross-file links,
which reference the same file as a target. In such a case, links within the
same file won't work when the PDF is viewed through a web browser.

>As to your file lock/unlock issue...

I don't see a problem here, and experience the same behavior in FM7.2 and 
In any case, the "locking" (view only) state has no implications on PDFs 
and links.
Links should be tested in PDF, as links that work in FrameMaker may not 
work in
Acrobat (and sometimes links that don't work in FrameMaker do work in Acrobat).

Happy New Year!

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