I'm drawing a blank at the moment, but I remember using a translation app 
(Trados perhaps?) back around 2000/2001 that did this kind of diff harvesting.  
 It only noted the changes, (no auto screenshot), but that was a good lead.

Thinking that "Carpe Nunc" sounds a lot like the ant's Epicurian philosophy in 
Aesop's fable.  <smile>

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We are a software company.  Our product (Dialogue) is very expansive with lots 
of menus, dialog boxes, etc in the GUI.  We use unstructured FM 7.2.

Every time we have a new release, undoubtedly some (or many) of the software's 
menus and dialog boxes change due to enhancements.  This requires us to 
identify these changes (somehow) and re-do any screenshots in our documentation 
and training materials.

Is anyone aware of a tool that can go through an application and harvest 
screenshots of all menus and dialog boxes?  Then, would it be able to compare 
screenshots of the last version to indicate where changes have occurred on the 

Any suggestions or resources would be appreciated.

Loren Elks
Information Developer
Exstream Software
lelks at exstream.com

Carpe Nunc
"Seizing the Moment" - Think about it ... the only real guarantee that we have 
is that we are alive at this very moment.? Period ... that's it.? Now, with 
that truth in mind, does it make sense to worry about the future -- or the 
past?? Isn't it reasonable to accept that if we take care of each moment as it 
comes, all of the following moments will take care of themselves??

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