Open the Cross Reference dialog box, select the relevant format, and
click Edit Format.
In the Definition field, check whether a specific character building
block, or a paragraph building block with a specific para format, is
included in the format's structure. If yes, this is probably causing
your problem. If you remove the offending specification, the
cross-reference will take the formatting of its host paragraph.


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On 2/12/07, Shenton, David (DTRN) <david.shenton at smithsdetection.com> wrote:
> Hi all.....Windows XP Unstructured FrameMaker 7.1
> Has anybody experienced this. I have document with multiple cross
> references to various headings in a multi chapter document. For some
> reason a few of my cross references linked to headers have a larger font
> size than the rest, yet others with the same heading link are correct. I
> have tried relinking, but when I regenerate these delinquent cross
> reference appear.
> Why is this happening to me?
> Regards
> Dave

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