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FrameScript 4.1 release 2 is now available to download.  This update is
free to all FrameScript 4.x registered users.  A new FrameScript
registration key is not required provided the end user's FrameMaker
serial number has not changed.  Below are the new features.

FrameScript 4.1 R2  New Features: 

*         New functions for Asian text encodings.

*         New Convert function.

*         Miscellaneous bug fixes.


FrameScript 4.1R2 can be downloaded from our website

Pricing Information:

FrameScript 4.1 - $149.95 per license (US $)
FrameScript 4.1 upgrade - $89.95 per upgrade (US $)

Order Information: 

To order FrameScript 4.1, please use our secure online order form
located at http://www.framescript.com/shop/catalog.asp
t.com/shop/catalog.asp> .
(No phone orders please!)


FrameScript registration keys are generated from the end user's
FrameMaker serial number.  If the end user's FrameMaker serial number
changes a revised FrameScript registration key is needed.  Requests for
revised FrameScript registration keys should be sent to marjorie at fml.com
and must include the following information - there will be no

*         End user's name and email address

*         Company name and date FrameScript license was purchased.

*         Revised FrameMaker serial number

*         Current FrameScript registration key

Note:   Our sales office is open Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm
EST.  Please allow 24-48 hours for order processing.

If you purchased FrameScript but are not the end user, please forward
this email to the end user.  If you received this email in error or
would like to be removed from the email list, please send an email to
marjorie at fml.com <mailto:marjorie at fml.com>  with remove in the subject
line. Please do not reply to this email.  

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