I can give you a partial answer, one that applies to Microsoft Word.
Visit The Editorium
4) and check out the article on the Title Case macro. With a little
tweaking, I'm confident you could apply it to Word's "sentence case"
formatting option. You would have to open each document, but running the
macro gets the job done very rapidly. If you go back to Jack's home
page, he has a couple of for-sale programs, MegaReplacer and MultiMacro,
which I have not used, but they sound as if they might do the trick for
you on a grander scale. I've been very pleased with the quality of
Jack's tools over the years.


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There's been a change in the style format for headings, and we need to
change all headings so that they are only first-word initial-cap only.
Currently, the headings are initial cap for all words in the heading.
Does anyone know of a tool or a script that can make the change on a
global basis?


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