I think this would be pretty easy in FrameScript, but I haven't heard
of an existing one.
I've commisioned custom scripts from Rick Quatro in the past and can
recommend his work. This would require a copy of FrameScript to run
against too....



On 2/16/07, Cadel_Janice at emc.com <Cadel_Janice at emc.com> wrote:
> There's been a change in the style format for headings, and we need to
> change all headings so that they are only first-word initial-cap only.
> Currently, the headings are initial cap for all words in the heading.
> Does anyone know of a tool or a script that can make the change on a
> global basis?
> Thanks,
> Janice
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> cadel_janice at emc.com

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