Hi All,

  We've received new corporate branding from the "parent company" that ripples 
into needing to update our FM templates with a new set of fonts. The branding 
specifies Helvetica / Helvetica Neue for copy and Rotis Sans Serif for 
headings. (I hear some groaning at the already-overused Helvetica...but the 
edict was issued by the Powers That Be.) I'm seeing several websites from which 
we could buy the fonts, but there are multiple options for purchase that 
frankly require a deeper understanding of how fonts are handled than I possess. 
<sigh> Having never worked in typesetting, I feel like I'm doing a freestyle 
stroke across the bay and hoping I don't sink. <g>

  We produce PDF (as well as WWHelp) from our FM (WinXP) source files, so we'll 
be needing to embed the fonts. I don't think we can embed fonts for the WWHelp 
- probably just have to stick with a san serif font family tag in the CSS - but 
I hope someone will correct me if that's not true. I know we'll definitely need 
to embed the fonts when creating the PDF. Languages to consider for support 
include English, Japanese, Spanish, and French. In the near future, we will 
have to support documentation for some customers in China, too. Some of our 
graphics are created in Adobe Illustrator on a Mac, but others are created on a 
PC in Corel Draw or Visio or AI. Graphics would have to use the new fonts for 
labels and call-outs.

  Is Helvetica different from Helvetica Neue and Neue Helvetica? I'm thinking 
Helvetica Neue (being "new") is the same as Neue Helvetica, but somehow 
updated/augmented more than just "plain old" Helvetica?  Maybe Helvetica Neue 
would provide greater electronic flexibility? (Totally guessing...)

  I'm seeing Helvetica Neue in 2 volumes or 3 volumes or in a single volume, as 
a TTF, PS font, or OpenType; as a Family Pack, a Family Value Pack, or a Pro 
Family Pack...?  

  I'm only seeing Rotis Sans Serif as TTF or PS for Win/Mac, but looks like you 
either get the Family Pack or the Family Value Pack with fewer weights. I'm 
thinking we'd have more flexibility with a Family Pack of some flavor - but 
whether the Pro stuff would be desireable is beyond me.

  Excuse me, my ignorance is showing. Would someone please pass me a safety pin 
of enlightenment...?

  Rene Stephenson

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