Thanks, Guy. Yeah - me, too. Maybe it's because they only sent out the 
"preliminary" branding stuff, with the final due out in April. I did ask my 
upline (who told me to send him the purchase info whenever I find it), jumped 
to another branch and went up that line, too, but no answers so far.  We run 
into issues like this a lot, but I think it's just because we're a tiny little 
division of a huge international conglomerate that actually prohibits org 
charts.  (Laugh..but I'm not kidding.) Stuff kind of just trickles down and 
filters through.

  Often, however, they'll make very broad statements without a lot of specifics 
because their goal is to create a degree of uniformity without boxing in the 
different divisions and functions in ways that would inhibit their routine 
tasks. That might explain identifying a font family as a standard but going no 

  Maybe I should just put this on the back burner for a few weeks, and when 
they start asking why things haven't changed yet, I'll finally be able to 
identify who has the answers. Or... maybe I should just let Windows Search do 
the walking through some of the huge network drives and see if I can sniff out 
some font files somewhere....!  >:-}


"Guy K. Haas" <guy at> wrote:

I'm surprised that The Powers That Be did not suggest/recommend/specify 
a source for the fonts they are mandating. Is there someone up-line you 
can ask?

--Guy K. Haas
Software Exegete in Silicon Valley

Rene Stephenson wrote:
> Hi All,
> We've received new corporate branding from the "parent company" that ripples 
> into needing to update our FM templates with a new set of fonts. The branding 
> specifies Helvetica / Helvetica Neue for copy and Rotis Sans Serif for 
> headings. (I hear some groaning at the already-overused Helvetica...but the 
> edict was issued by the Powers That Be.) I'm seeing several websites from 
> which we could buy the fonts, but there are multiple options for purchase 
> that frankly require a deeper understanding of how fonts are handled than I 
> possess. Having never worked in typesetting, I feel like I'm doing a 
> freestyle stroke across the bay and hoping I don't sink. 

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