Clarifying... You have no sideheads in any text flows on any master pages, but 
when you reapply master pages, you don't get prompted to remove overrides, and 
yet the sideheads persist...?

  If I'm correctly understanding your case, I'd try opening the template that 
has no sideheads and do File > Import page layouts with both remove options 
selected. If that doesn't fix it, I'd start prowling through the paragraph 
designer to make sure that none of the paragraph formats use the pagination 
setting for Side Head-Alignment.

  Try those, if you haven't already...
  Rene Stephenson

Elisa Sawyer <ascribe at> wrote:
  I'm trying to completely remove room for sideheads from a set of Frame
7.2 files. In the O'Keefe and Loring "Complete Reference," it mentions
that there should be a pop-up that asks me whether I want to remove
the master page overrides. It's not happening, and the room for
sideheads is still there even though Frame tells me there are no
overrides. any ideas?

Elisa R. Sawyer
Senior Technical Writer
"All true things must change, and only that which changes remains
true." -- Carl Jung

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