France and Poland have a "language protection law". It
demands that everything must be published in French or
Poland respectively. This may encompass even internal

Other countries in the EU demand publications in local
languages if otherwise you cannot install or use the product
or cannot use the product safely (warnings). Depends all on
your users.

The CE sign does not demand translations but conformity to
specifications and to standards. When these standards demand
a translation, then of course the documentation must be

The machinery guideline (applies only to "machines") specifically
demands translation of a lot of information!

This all applies for EU countries. I do not know much about other
countries e.g. in Africa or Asia. However meanwhile most of these
have similar standards, guidelines and rules.

Best regards

(Munich, Germany)

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> I think there's a requirement in France to have critical text 
> appear in
> French.  I know my company had to make sure that all the warning text,
> for possible injurious situations encounred in its service 
> manuals, had
> to have a French translation in an otherwise all English book, even
> though all our service reps in France can read and understand English.
> If your instructions are aimed at a much broader audience, 
> you may need
> a complete French version if you have any sales in that country.  
> Regards
> Chuck
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> Subject: Translation choices?
> For you guys that are having documents translated, or people
> investigating it, and any listers from outside the US...
> Are there any commonly used or accepted EU guidelines for picking what
> languages to translate to from US English?
> Our marketing department is pushing to translate into 
> multiple languages
> so lighting equipment installers around the world who may not 
> be English
> speakers, well-educated or multi-lingual, can avoid electrocuting
> themselves. So although multiple language translation may be on the
> horizon, they're thinking to start with Spanish, German, and Chinese.
> These seem like decent choices, but I think they're based on sales
> figures into those areas rather than any research into regulations and
> such.
> Thanks for any guidance y'all can offer!
> Cheers,
> Art

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