Hi Mathieu,

Actually, despite what one other list member said, JPEG does support
transparency if you set it. However, I would not use JPG format in any
case. It supports a high number of colors, but it is considered a
"lossy" format, meaning it does not render solid-colored spaces
accurately; rather, it introduces subtle but noticeable variations. 

If you are doing graphics with a very limited number of colors, GIF
would be OK. But, by far, my preference is for PNG (Portable Networking
Graphics) format. It supports the high number of colors like JPG, but it
is not lossy. It also supports transparency, though I believe older
browsers might not render transparency correctly with this format. 

In any case, the answer to your problem is to make sure you are working
with a graphics program that supports transparency for a selected
(usually background) color.

If you need more help/information, please feel free to contact me
offline if you want.

Chuck Beck 
Sr. Technical Writer | Infor | Office: 614.523.7302 |
Charles.Beck at infor.com 

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Subject: Background with JPEG

Hi all,

when you import jpeg images (pictures of spare parts), is it possible
not to have a white or greyish square background appear ?

Do you import in another format or is there a trick to have the
background disappear ?

Thank you all,


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