Hi all,

I imported a Word document into FM and here is my problem: I am asked by my 
client to apply the Character format "XYZ" to any occurence appearing in 
bold format (not a Character format).

1. With FM's standard Find/Replace, I can find a word with the bold 
attribute but cannot apply any character format to it right?

2. With Frameexpert's plugin FindChangeSpecial 2.0 (which I bought thinking 
it would solve my problem) I can find a word with the character format "ABC" 
and change it to "XYZ" right?

So now how do I find a word having the bold attribute and change it to 
Default font + "XYZ" character format?...

Any help much appreciated !!


>From: "Art Campbell" <art.campbell at gmail.com>
>To: "Charles Beck" <Charles.Beck at infor.com>
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>Subject: Re: Background with JPEG
>Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2007 09:48:58 -0500
>You may want to mention this to the independent JPG group at
>www.jpg.org people... they don't think their format supports
>transparency. See question 12 in the
>JPG2000 does, however.
>On 2/27/07, Charles Beck <Charles.Beck at infor.com> wrote:
>>Hi Mathieu,
>>Actually, despite what one other list member said, JPEG does support
>>transparency if you set it. However, I would not use JPG format in any
>>case. It supports a high number of colors, but it is considered a
>>"lossy" format, meaning it does not render solid-colored spaces
>>accurately; rather, it introduces subtle but noticeable variations.
>>If you are doing graphics with a very limited number of colors, GIF
>>would be OK. But, by far, my preference is for PNG (Portable Networking
>>Graphics) format. It supports the high number of colors like JPG, but it
>>is not lossy. It also supports transparency, though I believe older
>>browsers might not render transparency correctly with this format.
>>In any case, the answer to your problem is to make sure you are working
>>with a graphics program that supports transparency for a selected
>>(usually background) color.
>>If you need more help/information, please feel free to contact me
>>offline if you want.
>>Chuck Beck
>>Sr. Technical Writer | Infor | Office: 614.523.7302 |
>>Charles.Beck at infor.com
>>-----Original Message-----
>>Subject: Background with JPEG
>>Hi all,
>>when you import jpeg images (pictures of spare parts), is it possible
>>not to have a white or greyish square background appear ?
>>Do you import in another format or is there a trick to have the
>>background disappear ?
>>Thank you all,
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