Combs, Richard wrote:
> mathieu jacquet wrote:
>> So now how do I find a word having the bold attribute and 
>> change it to Default font + "XYZ" character format?...
> The procedure described by Art and Steve will get you most of the way
> there, but be on the lookout for one problem. When you copy the char
> format, FM copies not just the named char tag, but _all_ the formatting,
> including the font, size, etc., that it inherited from the underlying
> pgf. 
> For the 90+% or so of the strings that are in Body pgfs, or pgfs that
> share Body's font, size, etc., this is no problem. But it won't work for
> the strings that are in headings, table text (if it uses a different
> font/size), etc. You'll have to manually apply the char tag to those. 
> I'm hoping against hope that FM8 will have a char format enhancement
> I've asked for several years: Instead of (or in addition to) an As Is
> setting, the Char Designer should support a From Pgf Format setting. In
> that case, if you copy-special the XYZ char format from a Body pgf and
> paste it into a Head3, the font, size, etc., would inherit from the
> Head3 instead of being carried over from the source. 

Richard's point is excellent!

I believe that one way to avoid this problem is to create a named 
character format for the purpose, whose properties are only those you 
want to apply. In this example, you'd define the "NewBold" format by 
clicking outside any text, or choosing Commands > Set Window To As Is in 
the character designer,  then setting only the Bold attribute.  I 
haven't tested this, but I think that pasting a named character format 
that's copied to the clipboard applies only the properties of the named 
format, not every property of the text. A quick test should clarify the 


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