Here's another character format enhance I'd find very useful. In  
addition to As Is and setting a hard value, I'd like to be able to  
set a relative value, such as a character format that applies a  
specific font and makes it 1 point smaller than the paragraph font.

I remember Interleaf had this (years ago) and when mixing body and  
code fonts, it was very useful.

Pat Christenson

On Feb 28, 2007, at 7:12 AM, Combs, Richard wrote:

> mathieu jacquet wrote:
> I'm hoping against hope that FM8 will have a char format enhancement
> I've asked for several years: Instead of (or in addition to) an As Is
> setting, the Char Designer should support a From Pgf Format  
> setting. In
> that case, if you copy-special the XYZ char format from a Body pgf and
> paste it into a Head3, the font, size, etc., would inherit from the
> Head3 instead of being carried over from the source.

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